I Know That I Can Change the World

Video4Good produced this pilot video for a series about empowering kids to save the environment!

Jesus Was a Refugee

We’ve all seen harrowing photos of refugees, but I’ve never looked at as many as intently as I did when editing this video. These powerful images, combined with the beautiful song, made me tear up more than a few times during the editing process. 

The Barber Farm Project

The Barber Farm Project is a documentary from Video4Good. The film is a personal story about Gretchen Siegchrist's family and the farm where she grew up, but also looks at larger issues such as threats to farmland from development and the growth of the local food movement. The film was on PBS and has been screened at events around the U.S.

Northampton's Pop-up Playground

It’s not quite hard-hitting news, but this video for Al Jazeera about an adventure playground in Northampton, Massachusetts, sure was fun to produce!

Run a Pi-K

Video4Good produced this crowdfunding video for a project that brings together three things we love: math, running and pie.