Videos for Nonprofits

Video4Good produces videos for nonprofits to use for fundraising, promotion, advocacy, training and more.  Our videos for nonprofits  use a variety of methods – from interviews and information to emotions and humor – but always deliver a powerful message that activates viewers and advances a mission. Scroll down to see some of our recent video projects for nonprofits.


MotherWoman Organizational Profile

Video4Good produces a documentary-style profile video for MotherWoman's annual fundraising event. The videos inspire attendees to generously support the group's work.

Dress for Success Fundraising Video

Dress for Success needed a video to showcase the organization to funders. Video4Good was able to produce this short profile that's used for fundraising and online promotion.

MARE Foster Child Profiles

Video4Good supports the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange by producing video profiles of foster kids looking for forever homes. The videos let kids show off their personalities to potential parents, and help MARE with their outreach.

PJ Library Social Media Video

Video4Good talked to kids about how and why it's important to give charity and help others. The result was this cute, charming and very shareable video for PJ Library to use on social media.

Hitchcock Free Academy Promo Video

HFA needed a video to show off the variety of programming offered by the community center. The profile produced by Video4Good packs a lot of activities into a high-energy video that effectively communicates the mission and offerings of the organization.

Common Good Capitalism Launch Video

For their website and presentations, Common Good Capitalism needed a video that explained their movement and got others excited to join.